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About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my shop! My name is Will (Billy) and am the creator of BillysBallBags. 
I recently organised my best mates Stag do which was a massive success. I didnt want to dress him up in the traditional "Dress/Morph suit/Dildo" so I decided to attempt to make him a pair of "Bad Granpa" inspired Dangly Testicles. I have had experience with make up and creating prosthetics in the past and after a couple of attempts I managed to make a very convincing pair.

He had so much positive attention and feedback that I have decided to sell this product to other Best Men or fancy dress lovers out there who want to stand out from the crowd.

All the products are designed and sculpted by myself out of of clay then moulded and cast in a super soft silicone. **more products to come**
Take a look at my other products and visit the facebook page @BILLYSBALLBAGS for videos of the products in action along with other funny (crude) things.
Any questions you have just drop me an email at billysballbags@gmail.com
All the Breast and hope you have a Ball
Billy x