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The One-Baller Charity Keyring

Some of you may already know that Billy has been working behind the scenes to raise awareness of the work The Robin Cancer Trust do to support those living with testicular cancer. 

After several very serious sack related discussions, Billy and The Robin Cancer Trust have teamed up to create the one-derful One-Ball Wonder!
This hyper-realistic wrinkly sack shows the true beauty of a scrote after having a testicle removed. 

We're proud to support this amazing charity and the hard work they do and now you can show your support by purchasing a one-baller!
All profits for this item go directly to The Robin Cancer Trust. 

About the charity:

The Robin Cancer Trust literally save lives by raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancers as well as supporting those recently diagnosed and going through treatment. They have also created an amazing community with a vast support network for survivors affected by cancer to share their stories.